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  1. MrMegaspinout says:

    this address is a virus why dont you? get your shit of our screens

  2. tellyman6688500 says:

    that was the most wasted 11 seconds of my entire? life

  3. KS5115 says:

    @Gerrymusicteacher Yeah i know im not sure either but that name sounds malicious to me lol. I’ve heard it? hacks into your microphone or Video Camera and records. Scary!

  4. skoko1945 says:

    So, is Youtube being? hacked?

  5. mableh1 says:

    Please explain what this is all? about

  6. mableh1 says:

    what? the???????????

  7. jacktuoy says:

    this was the stupidest video i have every seen in my life?

  8. Gerrymusicteacher says:

    what is this thing that keeps popping up on my? you tube screen?

  9. USAPropaganda says:

    hey you know whats funny i cant watch teh video lol guess why? S.YTIMG

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