welcome to nginx virus

READ FOR MORE INFO (IT IS NOT A VIRUS IM JUST SAYING THT CAUSE SO U GUYS CAN FIND IT) sorry i’m not good at these vids I had this a long time ago until i got this app called hijack this downlaod here: download.cnet.com
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  1. DelaneyStudios says:

    @Jayjumpscrazily ok. i wish u guys would be a bit more specific.
    where in the world does it list or say url redirect. where do I look. u? mention this briefly in passing so i guess ur really helping. so many comments are listed likewise.
    We are unable to read your thoughts. please be specific.where is this comment of urlredirect for google listed?

  2. Jayjumpscrazily says:

    Thanks a lot for posting the video, I was able to clean up something like ‘urlredirect’? that was sending the message “welcome to Nginx” every time I opened google.

    All the haters need to take a second to realize that people are undoubtedly going to search for ‘virus’ when a computer does something they don’t want; titling the video with ‘virus’ definitely brought in a lot of people who otherwise would have broken computers.

    Have a nice day errybody

  3. REZOWNO says:

    my yahoo email has this glitch. any? suggestions?

  4. sweeseng85 says:

    my IE9 , when using google webpage having this problem ….but use chrome is? find…
    can you help me bro …

  5. CrushedJustice says:

    @M7trfLooL? dude I got some sort of malicious thing going on cause it fucked up my google chrome with the profile error thing and i get 404 error on websties that try to help me fix the problem…

  6. M7trfLooL says:

    Google say?
    Welcome to nginx!
    shit THis
    but ty anyway
    i try it ^_*

  7. BestWoWplayer12 says:

    Thank you very much! My Facebook got messed? up. This was very helpful!

  8. mazhar266 says:

    your? writings can’t be red, blue letter on blue background

  9. microvortex1 says:

    @manga122 You shouldn’t call something that ISN’T a virus a VIRUS. You are doing that to get people to think nginx is a virus. You obviously are too dumb? to tell what a virus is or isn’t. If I were you I’d call the video “How to fix Welcome to Nginx” instead of calling a legitimate program a virus.

  10. kimjeong0 says:

    Guys just delete all your cookies and the welcome to? ngynx will disappear

  11. kimjeong0 says:

    @XXXlolitakiller1XXX All you have to do is click on the wrench, options, and then press under the hood. And click clear browsing data. Delete all your cookies to get rid? of Welcome to Nginx.

  12. CUWHIP97 says:

    @webworkhere ya when i type in ? google this is what happens “404 NOT FOUND nginx” thats what it says and i dont know what to do!?!?

  13. kyle17of says:

    lol you guys can get this on any website just thumbs up? this so people know!

  14. akis1986a says:

    that help for me winxp? gr sp3. Thanks man.

  15. webworkhere says:

    @blue0blaze hey did you get that error fixed the 404 not found nginx thing I have the same problem. My computer is running Windows XP wireless? with bluetooth. Let me know if you got it figured out?

  16. manga122 says:

    @DESTRUCTION10001 just delete the website? ones

  17. DESTRUCTION10001 says:

    @manga122 can you give me an example of what to look for? im having trouble distinguishing what i should delete? and what i shouldnt.

  18. palace855 says:

    Win 7 !!!

  19. MotherEarth2010 says:

    I have that for my google chrome and it won’t go? away!! What do I do?

  20. Honeydump95 says:

    @7770nsterFantage Nah? i’m not mad. Just seeong how insane you are…

  21. 7770nsterFantage says:

    @Honeydump95 BECAUSE ITS A FUCKING GLITCH WHOREBAG. U? mad bro? >:D

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